Month: February 2019

How Virtual Reality Environment Is Created And how You feel.

Virtual reality is such a thing that can even make you feel, as if, you are flying in air but before we know that, we need to know how the environment of virtual reality is created and how you feel in that environment. Virtual Reality is a kind of experience which is something very close to the experience you get while watching a 3d movie. But actually it it even more exciting than a 3d movie. While you are watching a 3d movie, you see certain things in the movie suddenly coming very close to you but for few moments only. Also, you feel this in just front of you but not in other directions like your back, or on the left or right side.

On the other hand, in virtual reality you feel immersed in 360 degree. It means all the things you are watching are visible in three dimension in 360 degree and also very close to you. The things you will watch in virtual reality will depend on the type of virtual reality content that is stored in your smartphone. A headset is the most common device which is used to watch virtual reality content and the content is provided in an app developed by the company making the headset. These apps are usually free to download and work with the headsets for which these are meant for. The smartphone actually need to be inserted into the headset so that one can watch the virtual reality content in the app in the smartphone through the lens of the headset. The virtual reality effect is basically created by the lens of the headset and that is the reason the smartphone need to be inserted into the headset.

Other difference between virtual reality and 3d movie is that, one can also interact with the things shown in the virtual reality content in a meaningful way, while that is not possible in 3d movie. Games can be played in virtual reality environment where there is maximum interaction. In the virtual reality environment you use your fingers to interact with the virtual world, but in reality your fingers or hands actually move in air in the real world. The person sitting next to you, in the real world, will feel amazed what for you are moving your hands or fingers in air if he still never heard or experienced virtual reality.

Virtual Reality can also make you feel as if you are flying in air. There are certain electronic modules that can be clipped into a paper airplane and that helps to make the paper airplane fly like a real airplane in the air. This electronic module(integrated with paper airplane) is controlled by an app in the smartphone via wi-fi or bluetooth. A very small live streaming camera can also be fitted into the paper airplane. Through this live streaming camera you can watch the flying paper airplane live in the app in the smartphone. But once you insert your smartphone into the Google cardboard (a tool to watch virtual reality content) and then when you watch the live streaming of the paper airplane through the lens of the Google carboard, you will feel like you are flying through the air riding a paper airplane (like a pilot).

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How To choose A Photographer For your Wedding.

Wedding is the most special day in one’s life and there is so much emotional value attached to it. The vows, the dress, the venue, the people, the beginning of a new life, the companionship with your partner, the menu, the programs, and the list will go on. Every man and woman wants it to be memorable and cherish the moments forever. Capturing these moments should be entrusted only on a professional wedding photographer.

Picking the wedding Photographer

Coming to the crucial quest, how to look for the best professional who will give you satisfying results? The answer is simple; you will have to look for him. Now with the omnipresent internet it is not too hard to search and contact someone from the umpteen numbers of lists you get after hitting a single button. But, how will you know about his works? For example, if you are looking for Toronto photographer sitting in Whitby, you can go through the portfolios of wedding photographer’s and see their wedding galleries. This is the easiest and relevant ways of getting a head start.

Does He Serve your Venue Area?

Next up is the charges and finding if at all the photographer serves in your area, i.e. if you are looking for wedding photography Toronto you have to customize your search. In case you are planning a destination wedding venue in Toronto, you should ask the photographer if he has done such assignment before and what are the arrangements he would organize. It is more likely that a Toronto photographer will know best about the lighting conditions and be able to plan the photography sessions accordingly.

Charges and type of Photography

Every photographer is an artist and has his signature style in clicking photographs. Ask to see his special works and assignments and notice essential things like the brightness, clarity, and expertise in using tools like Photoshop, the choreography of the event and attention to detail.

You may also inquire about preference of any wedding ideas or suggestions from the photographer that would add a special touch to the occasion, like a color theme or any other theme based wedding preparations so you could inform the venue in charge about it.

Last but not the least; you should have an idea about the charges and what he needs from you. For example, many wedding photographers put up near the venue at the client’s expense and that includes the food and travel. This task becomes easy if you have websites like Markus Staley photography where all the information is mentioned explicitly in one place.

Remember one thing before getting on with the tips on getting the best wedding photographer though, apart from engaging an expert for the purpose, you can also talk to him about what you have in mind and ask if that is possible. Yes, we mean customized service.

Wedding preparations are explicit and demands lot of time as you need to look into small details, so it is better to start looking for your wedding photographer well in advance. Hope these tips would help you in doing that and prepare yourself to get captured forever in your happy moments.

Still Part of The same Family

King of the Hill S:13;E:20If only adults could apply lessons learned when they were still preschoolers, our world would be a better place.

Think about the basic lessons we teach our little ones so the family runs smoothly.

pick up after yourself

wait for your turn

you can’t always get your own way

sometimes you have to wait

ask for help when you need it

treat others the way you want to be treated.

File:The-letter-A-the-letter-a-22186960-2560-2560.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWhy there would be a world revolution if big business and government actually lived by kindergarten rules.

Granted, life is messy and family life is especially messy because we “let our hair down” in our own homes. Yet it is in our chaotic homes where we learn to see and love each other when we are not wearing our masks. In family, divergent personalities learn to live under the same roof.

Each member is unique.

Often at odds.

Still part of the same family.






These skills are essential for our families to live in love but even more so for society to thrive.

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Money-Saving Tax Advice For Military Personnel

A life in the US military isn’t quite like any other. From the day of your graduation ceremony, your day-to-day life is going to be characterize by frequent relocations, overseas deployments and occupation changes. One of the more little-known differences about a life in the military is your income tax. After joining the military, your tax return will be significantly different. Here are some helpful tips on how to handle it.

The first thing you should know about military taxes is that if you’re deployed in a combat zone, you’ll have an automatic 180-day extension to file your taxes from the day you’re reassigned from it. I’m not recommending that you stretch out this leeway; it’s best to work on getting your finances in order from the day you return. Still, this automatic extension can be useful when you’ve just returned home and you’re still adjusting to civilian life. You should also know that any income you earned while in a combat zone isn’t taxed. Even if you were only out there for a one-day operation, the entire month’s income will be completely tax free. This can be very invaluable information when you come to file your tax returns.

Credit: Wikimedia

Choosing your home state for tax purposes is a pretty important decision when you’re in the military. In any military career, it’s pretty common to be bounced from place to place, and sent wherever your country needs you. I remember speaking to one veteran who had 20 relocations in a 32-year career. He could have chosen several different states as an official residence, but ended up choosing Texas, the state where he bought his very first house. On the surface, this sounded like a sentimental decision, but he explained that it was also financial. Texas is one of the few states where there’s no income tax. If you’ve had several relocations, then it’s important you choose your tax domicile wisely. Wisconsin–Madison ( Pick the wrong one, and you could be losing out a lot!

Credit: Flickr

Finally, you need to know all the rules tied to selling your house. Because military personnel move

around so frequently, you may find yourself having to sell a home before you’ve lived in it for five years. For the large majority of people, this would mean that any financial gain which was earned from the property would be taxable. In certain circumstances, you’d be able to deduct certain income with the help of a professional tax attorney. Regardless of this, selling before the five-year mark wouldn’t be cheap. Fortunately though, if you’re in the military you don’t have to worry about this. The government exempts military personnel from this five-year rule, meaning your relocations won’t have any impact on the income gained from any property you own. If you weren’t aware of this, you could have a juicy refund on the way!

The next time you’re dealing with your taxes, be sure to go over these handy tips. You’ve committed your life to the security of your country, so make sure you’re claiming what you’re due!

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