Kids say the funniest of things sometimes. Mine are a little less funny nowadays that they are older but occasionally they say something that just makes me have a quiet chuckle.

My 2 youngest Sons recently started calling me Mother – no more Mom or Mommy – unless they need something of course – then it is “Mommy, Can I….”

We were having a conversation in the car last week when we were going through the weeks schedule. In case you have virtually any questions about wherever as well as how you can utilize Gareth, it is possible to contact us with our site. It is exam time at school so I asked my Sons what exams they had over the next few days.

Of course Son no 3 and 4 were ragging each other about one thing or the other as usual. Son no 3 was reciting what exams he had on the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday. He couldn’t remember what exam he had on the following Tuesday though.

So Son no 4 accuses him of not knowing anything and how can he not know what he was writing on Tuesday.

Son no 3 then says “Well Mother doesn’t know what’s for dinner tonight so I recon I am better than her”. I just had to laugh.

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