In the wake of the passing of the Health Care Reform bill, an interesting question can be raised: do you know how to find health information that is reliable?

Wall-E Costume and constructionProbably not, because if you, as a non-healthcare professional, have ever tried to go into a library for personal research, you most likely have been denied.

Binary Code, Ball, Http, Www, CrashAbout 20 some odd years ago, I remember being able to go to a library at a Kaiser Permanent facility with my parents. I got to watch videos about the human body and read books. Nowadays, that access is rarely available to the general public.

Now, there is a public health library in the Valley that focuses on cancer patient information. This came about from the founders of the Jennifer Diamond Foundation. The Diamonds’ daughter was diagnosed with a rare cancer and was not able to find any information about her cancer. Her father literally went out and bought a stethoscope, put it around his neck, and walked into a hospital library to finally get the information he needed. Their daughter’s dying wish is that people who have this disease have a place to go to get informed and educated about it in layman’s terms.

Everyone knows how to Google, but is the information you find reliable, accurate, or out of date?

This Wednesday, March 24th, the John C. and Lowry Hench Library at the Disney Family Cancer Center will offer an informational session on how to find reliable information on cancer. As a resource center to the patients, family of patients, and the community, the library provides information on various types of cancer, various treatments, clinical trials, as well as information such as the effects of mixing some medications with the over-the-counter products. If you loved this article therefore you would like to be given more info relating to BioInitiative nicely visit the web-site. For information about this, call 1-888-Healing. I hear their space is limited.

If you can’t make the free session, please let those you know who might benefit from this invaluable resource. In the recent events of the health care debate, people need to be educated so they can make informed decisions about their own health care.

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