Virtual reality is such a thing that can even make you feel, as if, you are flying in air but before we know that, we need to know how the environment of virtual reality is created and how you feel in that environment. Virtual Reality is a kind of experience which is something very close to the experience you get while watching a 3d movie. But actually it it even more exciting than a 3d movie. While you are watching a 3d movie, you see certain things in the movie suddenly coming very close to you but for few moments only. Also, you feel this in just front of you but not in other directions like your back, or on the left or right side.

On the other hand, in virtual reality you feel immersed in 360 degree. It means all the things you are watching are visible in three dimension in 360 degree and also very close to you. The things you will watch in virtual reality will depend on the type of virtual reality content that is stored in your smartphone. A headset is the most common device which is used to watch virtual reality content and the content is provided in an app developed by the company making the headset. These apps are usually free to download and work with the headsets for which these are meant for. The smartphone actually need to be inserted into the headset so that one can watch the virtual reality content in the app in the smartphone through the lens of the headset. The virtual reality effect is basically created by the lens of the headset and that is the reason the smartphone need to be inserted into the headset.

Other difference between virtual reality and 3d movie is that, one can also interact with the things shown in the virtual reality content in a meaningful way, while that is not possible in 3d movie. Games can be played in virtual reality environment where there is maximum interaction. In the virtual reality environment you use your fingers to interact with the virtual world, but in reality your fingers or hands actually move in air in the real world. The person sitting next to you, in the real world, will feel amazed what for you are moving your hands or fingers in air if he still never heard or experienced virtual reality.

Virtual Reality can also make you feel as if you are flying in air. There are certain electronic modules that can be clipped into a paper airplane and that helps to make the paper airplane fly like a real airplane in the air. This electronic module(integrated with paper airplane) is controlled by an app in the smartphone via wi-fi or bluetooth. A very small live streaming camera can also be fitted into the paper airplane. Through this live streaming camera you can watch the flying paper airplane live in the app in the smartphone. But once you insert your smartphone into the Google cardboard (a tool to watch virtual reality content) and then when you watch the live streaming of the paper airplane through the lens of the Google carboard, you will feel like you are flying through the air riding a paper airplane (like a pilot).

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