Let me just say this: I have never found myself in more articulate or intelligent company as I find myself here – including the vaunted institutions at which I become (ostensibly) educated. For all the faith I lose in humanity every time I accidently end up in Beverly Hills or Hollywood, I needn’t go any farther than my web browser to have that faith restored – and then some.

M.B. – you are the first person to make me want to wear a bow tie since I left the military… actually, I didn’t really want to wear it then either, but it’s sort of a “when in Rome” situation, you know? Seriously, though – you make SF cooler for being there.

LDSJ – Please don’t tell anyone I’ve gone soft, it will put an even bigger dent in the smoldering crater which used to be my love life. 🙂

Mean Mike – you are proof positive in reincarnation, because you are my Burgess Meredith… I just know it.

Ed – Praise from you is like getting a pat on the back from a cool older brother… and don’t worry, I’ve just been tanning – so I’m ready for the photogs…

Bill – it comes as precisely no surprise that you would appreciate my Highlander reference more than anyone else. I think if I were to describe you as an author, I’d say you’re a much cooler and more talented version of me… though I may have better hair.

Morgana – you remain the coolest thing in Sparks, which means knowing you, I’ve now got the place wired.

the Tonic – I have effused about you to my friends more than any other author here… your comedy is tremendous… and your praise makes me all warm inside – not the same sort of warm inside when you followed me into the mens room, but close. Thank you… and Love you!

Craig – there is truly no greater compliment than to have writers as good as the ones here quote me… glad you liked it – sounds like you can relate!

and… Steven – if there was ever a comment that could legitimize my writing existence with only two words – it’s one from you. I would be ever so happy with success that merely pales in comparison to yours… I’m much obliged.

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