Smart city mission was launched on June 2015 by Prime Minister. Indian Cabinet has approved about US$15 billion for the development of cities (100 cities). We all know that the Indian economy is continuously attracting global acclaim. Many cities were struggling to adjust with the unplanned development plans. The fast increasing the gap between poor and rich is also great matter of concern. That’s why Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched this smart city Yojana ( )

The main Perspective

The objective of Smart City Yojana is to develop a city and make it modern. Its main motive is to enhance the lifestyle of the people so that they can enjoy the better living standards. The whole idea does not revolve around making bigger buildings but they try to provide an easy life style to the people.

This project would provide better sanitation and other modern facilities for developing the cities. They will fulfill the essential need of the urban areas like infrastructure, vehicles, ecology, education, energy sources, cleanliness, people’s security, and health care. They use modern technology to bring this change.

Benefits of Smart City Yojana

This scheme works for the empowerment of the poor areas. This scheme is quite beneficial for the financially weak groups of our society – navigate to these guys – . The government will provide them better standards of living. Transgender, widows, and those people who belong to lower income groups shall be granted preference during the development under this scheme. Apart from this, government will also provide help to physically disabled people, senior citizens, and homeless people through allotting homes or shelters.

So, the basic idea of this scheme is quite clear and if it is implemented in a righteous way then it will bring a great and positive change in our society. Smart City Yojana will surely bring a smart solution to all the cities so that the people will lead a convenient life.

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