A poem when everything screams out a story.. a meaning for you.

That girl right behind me

The camera right beside me

The tabs that are opened

Or soon will be open

The yogurt I am having

The flip flops I am wearing

The letters forming a word

And the words themselves

Each has a tale of their own to tell.

Does this happen with everyone?

Or am I becoming too observant?

Whatever I have excelled in,

I just hope it is not something called being crazy.

4 comments on Crazy

Sometimes the walls do talk lol and I can talk to a fence post sometimes. Does not mean I am crazy just means no else listens or hears or even tries to understand.

@ Melody J Haislip: True that 🙂

@ l0oree: It can also be you don’t want to share with anyone else!

that’s certianly not being crazy. If you beloved this post and also you would like to acquire more info about States – Check This Out – kindly visit the webpage. It’s every individual’s reality; some pay heed to it while others ignore.

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