Imagination Not Knowledge

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.

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A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.

When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. If you have any thoughts relating to in which and how to use Kom (, you can contact us at our internet site. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity.

A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?

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The ultimate Smart Phone From Reach Mobile

The brand new smart phone launched by Reach Mobile in North India, Kraze 350 has created positive impressions with consumers first because of its price and second because of it’s features, making itone of the best mobile handsets for the new generation. Kraze 350 is being referred to as the ultimate smart phone which is both classy and affordable.

Dual Core Processor

Si-o-se Pol, Isfahan, Irán, 2016-09-19, DD 07-15 HDR PAN.jpg Español: Si-o-se Pol, conocido oficialmente como el Puente Allāhverdi Khan (en

The specialty of this phone is the dual core processor that consists of a 1GHZ ARM A7 processor. This enables you to have seamless services at your fingertips. The Operating Systems for this phone is the 4.4.2 Android Operating Systems that helps you operate your phone efficiently.

The memory of this phone is also large with an internal memory of 512 MB ROM and 256 MB RAM and the external one is up to 32 GB. The phone has a 3.5 inch display screen with HVGA and IPS display that enables you to have the best viewing experience.

Digital Camera

Binary, Binary Code, Binary System, ByteKraze 350 has a digital camera with 3.2 MP and a VGA camera with LED Flash Light that helps you have the ultimate visual experience. These two cameras provide you with all the facilities to click pictures and post them on social media as and when you want to.

The phone is equipped with a G sensor that will enable you to keep a good track on Beyoncé your surroundings. It also has a 1900 mAh battery that gives you the best storage space available that can easily keep your phone charged up for a long time.

The phone is equipped with a A-GPS Support and a smart unlocking system that will help you in keeping you abreast of your surroundings. The other additional features include 3G,Wi Fi, Hotspot and Bluetooth that offer you with the latest technological innovations that will keep you updated with the modern world.

All in all, the Kraze 350 is a splendid phone that will help you fulfill all your personal and professional requirements. This phone is also the epitome in multitasking that will help you in performing all your activities seamlessly.

3 Reasons why Regular Audits Are Crucial For Businesses

A-특공대 - 영화Consumer spending fell for the third consecutive month during July, as customers slashed the amount spent on clothes, cars and foreign travel and rising inflation began to CULTURE bite. July saw a decline of 0.8%, with households beginning to feel the pinch of rising inflation and economic uncertainty.

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This is also effecting businesses, who may need to regulate their own spending in order to maintain a profit in a challenging climate.

With this in mind, regular audits can provide an excellent way of reviewing and controlling your commercial spending.

Here are three ways in which they help:

1. They Highlight Excessive or Inefficient Spending

By regularly reviewing your finances with the help of reputable service providers, you can highlight any examples of excessive or inefficient spending.

This enables you to identify potential issues before they begin to place a significant drain on your finances, while also prompting proactive discussions on the ways in which operational costs can be reduced.

Such an approach could help your company to make incremental savings over time, with this additional capital either being committed to profit or reinvested elsewhere throughout the business.

2. Drive Higher Levels of Investment in Strategic Costs

This brings us on to the distinction between strategic and non-strategic costs, with the former having a direct impact on your businesses bottom line. Including activities such as sales and marketing, these disciplines can deliver a superior ROI and have a greater impact on improving the profitability of your venture.

In order to optimise your marketing spend, you should consider using regular audits to determine how your capital is invested during the course of a financial year. By distinguishing between strategic and non-strategic business costs, you can determine whether or not you are getting the most from your capital and enabling your business to thrive.

This could trigger an end-of-year review, at which point the data used from your latest audit would help to distribute your budget for the coming year.

3. Comply with Tax Legislation

Paying the correct tax and complying with national law is central to any successful business, particularly as regulators can request an audit of your finances at any time. If you are found to be non-compliant or in breach of prevailing laws, you could be sanctioned heavily and forced to pay a significant fine that your business can ill-afford.

The Rising Popularity Of Sustainable Packaging

꽃을닮다 I. 한혜진 - 카페The most important consideration of running a sustainable business is to ensure that every aspect of it is based on eco-friendly materials and strategies. In today’s world, not following unsustainable packaging can prove to be detrimental to the reputation of your business.

달러와 초강대국 미국의 몰락! - 블로그While it may seem to be an additional expense, considering its benefits and popularity, it can easily be termed as a worthwhile investment. Here are some of the reasons behind the ever-increasing inclination of people towards sustainable packaging:

Benefits Attached to Sustainable Packaging

Continuity of the Business

We all know that producing goods is utilizing most of our natural resources and ultimately leading to their depletion. For the survival of this world, it is important to find a way out of this dilemma. If we continue at the same speed, the time when we will run out of all the resources will arrive sooner than expected.

Abundant raw materials for the future are ensured through sustainable packaging since it conserves the natural resources. This means improved business continuity and more opportunities for successful ventures.

Conversion of Resources

When a single cubic foot of Styrofoam is produced, it utilizes about 1.5 liters of petroleum. A 20-mpg car will use the same amount of petrol for traveling 8 miles, thus, sustainable packaging brings about a low-impact production process.

It also ensures maximum use of recycled materials saving the valuable natural resources for the future generations. On the other hand, the materials which are used for conventional packaging are wasteful and require intensive resources.

Human Health

Contrary to the conventional packaging, there are no risks involved in sustainable packaging and it is deemed to be perfectly fine for your safety. The use of materials like polyethylene terephthalate and Styrofoam is highly dangerous for human well-being and can cause damage to the kidney, liver, and respiratory organs.

By using sustainable packaging, you are not exposing yourself to any of the toxic materials and relying on supplies from agricultural waste. They are way safer and bring about great profitability for the business by generating loyal clientele.

Trending Technologies in Sustainable Packaging

Light Weight Insulation

This new technology for temperature-controlling packaging has definite advantages over the traditional blanket technology. It is more flexible and a perfect sustainable alternative to the expanded polystyrene (EPS) form. This is particularly useful for products which require refrigeration but during the travel time, they are unable to get the desired environment.

Molded Fiber Printing

If you want to escape additional outer packaging, this technology is the perfect answer to it. You can get the graphics of your desire in high-resolution applied on the fiber packaging and make it look appealing. This will come with low production cost-per-unit and the production will overcome the barrier of time constraint too.

Sustainable packaging and its production consume 90 percent less water and 40 percent less energy thus, decreasing the cost and minimizing the use of essential resources. Even the shipping costs become cheaper so it is ideal for businesses if they are seeking better performance.

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Attack On Israel And Calls for Peace One And The same.

The Israeli government has approved the construction of 3,000 new homes in the occupied West Bank. A famous Israeli Rabbi has issued new dressing guidelines for religious women, stating that not even girls as young as three should expose any part of their body or wear bright colors. New regulation undermining human-rights and democracy are commonly raised in the Israeli parliament these days. It is as though Israel is playing into the hands of the anti-Israeli campaigners, whoever they might be. And they love it, especially the government sponsored Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

“We told you that Israel is against peace,” reminded us a French NGO, after the announcement of the new construction.

“Israel prefers to keep entrenching its occupation, expanding its illegal settlements, and devouring Palestinian land, rather than pursue a genuine peace with the Palestinians on the basis of UN Resolutions and International Law.” Cries SABEEL – and NGO sponsored by the Swedish and Dutch governments – in their annual Christmas message.

“Bethlehem, a city of peace, has been disfigured by tanks and soldiers on its streets,” reads the back of a Christmas card issued by War on Want, which receives British government funding.

One might be forgiven to believe that it’s values like peace, justice, and human rights that motivated these statements.

But if peace is their genuine goal, why don’t they mention Hamas leader, Mr. Haniyeh, who reiterated in his speech a few weeks ago that Hamas will keep fighting Israel until it is annihilated. Isn’t he an obstacle to the peace process? If you have any thoughts with regards to where by and how to use Lamar – visit the up coming webpage – , you can contact us at our page.

If justice is the motivation, shouldn’t they mention, at least in a side note, the number of ‘City of Peace’-originated suicide bombers responsible for the killing of dozen Israel civilians.

And if human right is what they care about, aren’t they missing the largest civilian massacre in the modern history of the middle east. A massacre of 45,000 Syrians that is still taking place at this very moment.

But it’s not truth, peace and justice that they care about. Those are merely excuses for the relentless anti-Israeli attacks that have been going on since the inception of Israel, regardless of what the Israel’s policy of the time might have been.

But it’s high time to call these organizations to reconsider their position. After all, with the worrisome changes undergoing Israel, it’s slipping down the slope of becoming less democratic, more politically extreme and more religious – the very values practiced by the countries these NGOs have been embracing when attacking Israel. If Israel became like Syria, for instance, would it free its attackers to focus on where they are needed the most, like Congo, where monthly 40,000 war-related deaths have already consumed more than 6 million lives?

The Goals And Objectives

When the front page is taken over by a gif war and youre just a humble mobile user

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The need for Partnership

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Standing Out

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In writing assignments, forming partnerships is a critical area of meeting the set objectives. The partnership creates tenacity in writing. They help you get past challenges that you would have to face on your own. A partnership with an online service provider becomes a solution in that the assignment is handled in a teamwork. Teaming up with professionals in writing assignments has become the most beneficial part of writing assignments. The professionals online are specialists in various sectors of learning. They can meet objectives that propel you to the highest grades in learning. You need a professional look in proofreading your assignments. The online service providers give you the whole package in editing and in handing in a flawless writing.

The Fire Worshippers

However long we have been on this planet, we have failed to do one thing that every other animal is capable of doing and that is to adapt to our environment. We hail the concepts of evolution, but we failed to evolve ourselves into a being able to survive in a world that has a fragile ecosystem.

Through the use of fire, we allowed ourselves to gain warmth and protection, instead of growing fur and claws. By cooking our food, we stopped growing immunities to rancid animals and our digestive system changed to accommodate this new habit. With fire we developed weapons, knocked down forests, built homes, highways, cars, airplanes, computers, and filled this world with some much junk that now we have to find new ways to solve the problems we created.

Through fire we developed new ways of cooking, learned how to refine sugar and added to our foods in abundance. We roasted and broiled millions of animals, fried everything that ran, and what was left we would boil for glue or jello. Through all this, we now suffer from diabetes, obesity, and various levels of heart disease and intestinal damage from pounds of undigested meat sitting in our body.

Through our worship of fire, we travel in vehicles that worship fire, too. We travel to and fro, darting like busy bees off to do nothing really important other than get a grande latte and make sure no is looking for us on Myspace, all the while debating the truth about global warming, while the penguins surf on ice chunks in the latest Disney spectacular.

We are fire worshippers, prone to live and die from the very element that we have turned into a God, prone to wipe out the very world we live in one fire at a time or by just dropping hundred of nuclear bombs and frying everyone. We hardly ever put our bodies back into the ground for nature, but instead we cook them too. Everything goes back to the fire god.

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CareerSaver Enhances Web Experience

The technology industry epitomizes rapid change and innovation, and those involved in this ever-evolving profession need to be ready to keep up or die trying. As a leading IT training provider, CareerSaver, understands this concept better than most; from their extensive library of content to various training methodologies, CareerSaver continually updates their products and services to meet the needs of this ever-evolving profession.

The most recent updates to the CareerSaver brand are to their website. The company remains focused on enhancing their content and method of instruction to meet the needs of their current and future clients. The redesigned website is just one way they are doing that.

Jason Bortz, owner of Interactive Study Systems said “The new designed reflects two key elements, ease of use and customer service and support. Too often the appropriate training needed for a particular certification is missed.”

The company change was designed to create a fresh and interactive approach to navigating the extensive CareerSaver training and certification material; including an emphasis on customer support and client based interactions. The redesign features a clean and hands-on approach with live customer support available at every turn.

One of the most significant new features is the registration page, which allows users to register and access site features and free course demos that include their adaptive, interactive software, videos and audios. While CareerSaver was one of the first in the industry to implement this “try-before-you-buy” feature, the unrestricted access and ease of use still set them apart from competitors. Take a ‘test drive’ yourself, simply register at their website.

If at any point along the way you need guidance or support, they are available to help. Through email, phone, their extensive FAQ page, or the live support, you are guaranteed to get the answers you need. The changes were no small feat, so be sure to check back often as the company continues to move forward and continuously update their training library for today’s busy IT professional.

About CareerSaver

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Or Am I Becoming Too Observant.

A poem when everything screams out a story.. a meaning for you.

That girl right behind me

The camera right beside me

The tabs that are opened

Or soon will be open

The yogurt I am having

The flip flops I am wearing

The letters forming a word

And the words themselves

Each has a tale of their own to tell.

Does this happen with everyone?

Or am I becoming too observant?

Whatever I have excelled in,

I just hope it is not something called being crazy.

4 comments on Crazy

Sometimes the walls do talk lol and I can talk to a fence post sometimes. Does not mean I am crazy just means no else listens or hears or even tries to understand.

@ Melody J Haislip: True that 🙂

@ l0oree: It can also be you don’t want to share with anyone else!

that’s certianly not being crazy. If you beloved this post and also you would like to acquire more info about States – Check This Out – kindly visit the webpage. It’s every individual’s reality; some pay heed to it while others ignore.

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May Featured Contributor

Let me just say this: I have never found myself in more articulate or intelligent company as I find myself here – including the vaunted institutions at which I become (ostensibly) educated. For all the faith I lose in humanity every time I accidently end up in Beverly Hills or Hollywood, I needn’t go any farther than my web browser to have that faith restored – and then some.

M.B. – you are the first person to make me want to wear a bow tie since I left the military… actually, I didn’t really want to wear it then either, but it’s sort of a “when in Rome” situation, you know? Seriously, though – you make SF cooler for being there.

LDSJ – Please don’t tell anyone I’ve gone soft, it will put an even bigger dent in the smoldering crater which used to be my love life. 🙂

Mean Mike – you are proof positive in reincarnation, because you are my Burgess Meredith… I just know it.

Ed – Praise from you is like getting a pat on the back from a cool older brother… and don’t worry, I’ve just been tanning – so I’m ready for the photogs…

Bill – it comes as precisely no surprise that you would appreciate my Highlander reference more than anyone else. I think if I were to describe you as an author, I’d say you’re a much cooler and more talented version of me… though I may have better hair.

Morgana – you remain the coolest thing in Sparks, which means knowing you, I’ve now got the place wired.

the Tonic – I have effused about you to my friends more than any other author here… your comedy is tremendous… and your praise makes me all warm inside – not the same sort of warm inside when you followed me into the mens room, but close. Thank you… and Love you!

Craig – there is truly no greater compliment than to have writers as good as the ones here quote me… glad you liked it – sounds like you can relate!

and… Steven – if there was ever a comment that could legitimize my writing existence with only two words – it’s one from you. I would be ever so happy with success that merely pales in comparison to yours… I’m much obliged.

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