King of the Hill S:13;E:20If only adults could apply lessons learned when they were still preschoolers, our world would be a better place.

Think about the basic lessons we teach our little ones so the family runs smoothly.

pick up after yourself

wait for your turn

you can’t always get your own way

sometimes you have to wait

ask for help when you need it

treat others the way you want to be treated.

File:The-letter-A-the-letter-a-22186960-2560-2560.jpg - Wikimedia CommonsWhy there would be a world revolution if big business and government actually lived by kindergarten rules.

Granted, life is messy and family life is especially messy because we “let our hair down” in our own homes. Yet it is in our chaotic homes where we learn to see and love each other when we are not wearing our masks. In family, divergent personalities learn to live under the same roof.

Each member is unique.

Often at odds.

Still part of the same family.






These skills are essential for our families to live in love but even more so for society to thrive.

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