Judging from the lint sticking to my sweater, I would say there is a law of attraction at work in my life. Judging from my bank account, I would say there may be further proof.

The Law of Attraction may sound dopey to a physicist, but then again string theory is pretty counter-intuitive to me. All I know is that happy people seem to have happy things happen to them, and negative people are usually up to their necks in doo. Why?

I believe expectation subtly influences behavior. If you expect to be rejected, your body language will make it happen. If you expect to be well received, it shows in your bearing, and it will happen.

Okay so far. But now the Law of Attraction says that things like abundance, financial security, true love and Pierre Cardin panties can also be yours simply by thinking about them. True? False? Or both? I vote for both.

Take me, for example. I have expected to struggle financially all my life and guess what? I make a good buck but still…the ATM slams shut when I come by. I never expect my wild dreams to succeed. Ergo…. I self published a book last year and so far have sold three copies, one to my cousin. (Hmph! I have twenty cousins. That means nineteen of them are cheap pr*cks!)

I’m not alone. If I had a nickel for every poor chump just like me I’d never work again. But what catches my eye are the blissful folks who go into every venture expecting to succeed. Like Amanda Hocking, who sold a million ebooks because….exactly why was that? Was it because she did everything right (yeah, sure) or because she was lucky (maybe) or because she just thought she would (double maybe)? Perhaps indies who make it big simply expect to do so. Perhaps something about their expectation or their attitude or whatever the Law of Attraction folks would call it, draws a crowd.

In my day job I work with very depressed, negative people. I often tell them to fake it till they make it; act positive with the children/husband/boss/family they actually hate, until they can believe there is something actually positive there. This actually works pretty well with patients, and may have something to do with the Law of Attraction in everyday life.

Basically, this “law” tells you to fake it till you make it. Believe that success is possible, abundance is possible, security is possible, and it just may become the truth of your life.

Food for thought: 1. What harm will it do? 2. I may make better choices. 3. I may be missing opportunities for success, abundance, and security through negativity. 4. I may even find some Pierre Cardin panties in my mailbox! If you adored this article and you simply would like to get more info about Angels kindly visit our web-site.

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