The brand new smart phone launched by Reach Mobile in North India, Kraze 350 has created positive impressions with consumers first because of its price and second because of it’s features, making itone of the best mobile handsets for the new generation. Kraze 350 is being referred to as the ultimate smart phone which is both classy and affordable.

Dual Core Processor

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The specialty of this phone is the dual core processor that consists of a 1GHZ ARM A7 processor. This enables you to have seamless services at your fingertips. The Operating Systems for this phone is the 4.4.2 Android Operating Systems that helps you operate your phone efficiently.

The memory of this phone is also large with an internal memory of 512 MB ROM and 256 MB RAM and the external one is up to 32 GB. The phone has a 3.5 inch display screen with HVGA and IPS display that enables you to have the best viewing experience.

Digital Camera

Binary, Binary Code, Binary System, ByteKraze 350 has a digital camera with 3.2 MP and a VGA camera with LED Flash Light that helps you have the ultimate visual experience. These two cameras provide you with all the facilities to click pictures and post them on social media as and when you want to.

The phone is equipped with a G sensor that will enable you to keep a good track on Beyoncé your surroundings. It also has a 1900 mAh battery that gives you the best storage space available that can easily keep your phone charged up for a long time.

The phone is equipped with a A-GPS Support and a smart unlocking system that will help you in keeping you abreast of your surroundings. The other additional features include 3G,Wi Fi, Hotspot and Bluetooth that offer you with the latest technological innovations that will keep you updated with the modern world.

All in all, the Kraze 350 is a splendid phone that will help you fulfill all your personal and professional requirements. This phone is also the epitome in multitasking that will help you in performing all your activities seamlessly.

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