In a mock look at the BCS rankings that are to come out officially on October 17, that mock look has the Boise State Broncos ranked #1. This is of course based on the games thus far and really has no bearing on what things will look like in a few weeks after schools like Ohio State play the toughest part of their schedule, but for the media this is enough and will be enough when the real rankings come out to beat everyone in America over the head with their BCS busting team Boise State.

What these media heads don’t realize is that Boise State doesn’t bust up Michigan anything. If they were actually allowed to be number 1, it would just further the BCS ridiculousness. It’s not going to make the BCS system look any worse, it isn’t possible to do so. It is the worst system in all of sports for determining those at the top and those who should play for the title. The absolute worst. The only thing a number 1 Boise would do is to make all the polls in the season look like so much used up paper. Those polls would then become irrelevant. Because all of those polls have Ohio State number 1 but those polls take into account the schools entire schedule. The computer takes into account only those games played to this point.

Now, at the end of the season, things will be considerably different. Ohio State and several other top contending schools will be through the real heart of their schedules while Boise State will pile up cupcakes the next few weeks. That will move them back down the ladder and the real number 1 team will emerge. But it will not solve the problem. The Boise State/TCU, let in all the cupcakes crowd, will still be whining that their teams get no respect and the smaller schools, with stronger schedules than Boise but still ranked less than 15 because they are not an SEC school, will still be whining. The strength of schedule people, like myself, will still be whining that a school like Boise State shouldn’t be in the rankings at all.

Until there is another system instituted to determine who is at the top – preferably a play off system – all this whining will continue, every single year. It will never change. And the reality is that it will never change, the BCS is not going anywhere and a playoff systems is never going to happen. So let’s hear it whiners, including myself, who’s number 1?

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