Why do so few wonder children turn into wonder adults?

It was my project on display.
I won the award.
Everybody saw it.
A great future awaits you, the teacher said.
Her words still echo in my mind.

성인들을 위한 영양가 있는 테드 강의 추천 - 블로그

The future was mine, so it was hard to believe
that at the final test
when the bell rang
I was still sitting in front of a blank sheet
There was no second chance.

I can still remember the big match.
I was standing in front of the empty goal.
Everybody cheered, and I missed.
I never played again.

office, business, glasses, book, books, reading, knowledge, printYet, at work I was given a chance.
But when I turned the switch on
It went dark.
My settings were wrong.
It was an expensive mistake.

So after so many years
When I ran into my teacher she said
I always knew you’d reach far,
What are you doing these days?

Without a word
Hiding a tear
I smiled
Turned my back
and walked away

2 comments on Failure

Great insight here!!! Failure is part of our life but not make it eternal. We should not be ashamed of failing but this should be a warning of improving in the future. Why did you walk away without a word? Was this smile a true one? We fail today, we pass tomorrow; we succeed today,tomorrow we fail and life goes on. Hemingway said that a man is the one who knows how to live with Wiktionary his scars!!!!

Be happy despite what you see. Enjoy the ride and not just the destination.

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